Episode 15

Published on:

19th May 2021

Artemis D. Bear - Childism Underpins All Oppression - 026

This week I’m joined by the glorious Artemis D. Bear!! Artemis (they/them) is a non-binary queer iconoclast, who always has too many projects on the go. They are the founder and director of The Garden, a self directed learning community for young people in Bristol, and work for the Phoenix Education Trust on the Freedom to Learn programme. They are also a drag king, stage manager and queer cabaret producer. Last year they founded UBI Lab Bristol, campaigning for a basic income trial, which they believe could lift everyone out of absolute poverty and liberate many more. They live in Bristol with their partner and children and finally feel like a real grown up now they have a piano and a dog.

Join us as we chat about a terrible Tinder date, the joy of producing drag shows, seeing our bodies through the eyes of a queer person, co-parenting and self-direction, why UBI is a complete no-brainer, how schooling fuels inequality and grades people according to privilege and lots more juicy stuff!

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Sign the petition for a UBI pilot in Bristol

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Check out Brizzle Boyz and Scritch Cabaret

Kith: The Riddle of the Childscape book

The book I mentioned in the episode but couldn’t remember the name of is Crippled: Austerity and the Demonization of Disabled People

Resisting Illegitimate Authority: A Thinking Person’s Guide to Being an Anti-Authoritarian book

Akilah S. Richards’ website, Fare of the Free Child podcast and Raising Free People: Unschooling as Liberation and Healing Work book

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